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Creation Station

Involving Kids in the Life of the Church

After the Children’s Sermon children are invited to join us in the Fellowship Hall for Creation Station. The purpose of this offering is to make kids feel welcome in worship!By offering an opportunity for little ones to leave the sanctuary for a brief time and participate in a craft that connects the Children’s Sermon with a hands-on activity, we achieve the following goals:

  • Providing an opportunity to move around, talk, giggle and have fun to get out those energies so they can do their best to be present for the worship service.
  • Taking the themes of the spoken children’s sermon and providing a hands on activity that reinforces those themes and offers a kinesthetic learning opportunity. The more ways we present information, the greater chance it sticks!
  • Providing an opportunity for parents of young children to focus on the sermon, and a bit of respite in what can be a difficult parenting challenge. Bringing children to worship is essential for kids to become familiar with the worship services, liturgies and faith life of the church. However, it isn’t easy and it can be hard to commit to coming week after week when you can’t even listen to the sermon. We hope the Creation Station is a bit of a respite for parents who need it. And parents who prefer to have their children stay for the sermon are welcome to do so.

Giving kids things that are for and about them during worship shows them that worship is a place for them. If worship is always about the adult expectations of sitting quietly and listening without engaging with the kids, we lose a valuable opportunity to involve the kids in the life of the church!

Kids play at Creation Station
Kids play at Creation Station
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