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Companion Congregation

Our Friends in Myamba, Tanzania

Our Partnership

St. Peter Lutheran Church is in a companion partnership with a congregation in Myamba, Tanzania which began in 2008. Myamba has five sub-parish locations. Most members walk to church – up to 3 or 4 miles.

Visiting Myamba

St. Peter members first visited Myamba in January of 2009, and visits continue every other year. Members of St. Peter have visited Myamba Companion Parish, worshiped together, lived with families, and established friendships which lead to developing deeper relationships with the parish. During these trips, members also learn of the structural and financial needs of the parish.

Support for Myamba

  • Student Scholarships for Secondary Students in Forms 1-4 (29 students in 2014, 37 in 2015, increasing to 57 in 2016)
  • Scholarships for Post-Secondary Students. Post-Secondary costs are greater because of higher tuition, room, and board away from home.
  • Confirmation Students learn about and connect with Myamba Confirmation students. Confirmation youth collected contributions for Bibles, Hymnals, Confirmation Workbooks, and pens.
  • Sunday School Students Funded Tuition for Elizabeth Michael at Mwanga School for the Deaf.
  • Myamba Parish Evangelists Training  Funding at  Usangi Leadership and Training College.
  • Funding for Myamba Parish for Building and Equipment Needs. Three of four rooms in the new parish office building funded in part from St. Peter gifts are nearly complete. One sub-parish is building a new sanctuary using gifts from St. Peter.
  • Funding for Mechanical Hospital Beds and Medical Supply Shipment donated by Luther Park in Des Moines to Gonja Lutheran Hospital, operated by the Pare Diocese. 

Photo album from Myamba, Tanzania

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