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A Legacy of Faith and Service

St. Peter Lutheran’s Beginning

At a meeting held in August, 1884, a group of Lutherans from Polk and Dallas Counties, living in the vicinity of Grimes, organized a congregation under the name of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and a constitution was adopted.

Church Buildings

First Building was Dedicated March 4, 1888. (Snow Storm)
Second Building was Dedicated July 31, 1938
Third Building was Dedicated December 16, 2001

St. Peter Lutheran Church was built in 2001

Celebrating a Rich History

In 2009, St. Peter Lutheran celebrated 125 years of mission and ministry. The history of the church and it’s people was documented in the Legacy of Faith video, available below. The video features Pastors Mark Holmes and Grant Woodley who were pastors at St. Peter at that time.



Pastor Kleinlein~~1884-1888. He was from Zion Lutheran Church in Des Moines and served the Parish until a resident pastor was called. Candidate G Klindworth, as assistant of Pastor Kleinlein also conducted services during this period of time.

Pastor Schneider~~1889-1893, became the first resident Pastor. During this time the congregation purchased a Parsonage and an organ. Sunday School was established and a preaching station in Bouton was established.

Candidate Hansen~~1893-1895. Being a native of Germany, he preached in German only and conducted services in Bouton the first Sunday of every month. A new church constitution was adopted during this time.

Pastor H. Schoenlein~~1895-1924. Serving nearly 30 years, the parish took special note of the 25th Anniversary of his Ministry with surprise services in his honor. Also during this period of time the Church Building Fund was established along with and Envelope System to finance the church. More services were also conducted in English.

Pastor F. O. Bunge~~1924-1933. During this period a new parsonage was purchased. Due to the Bank failure, the Building Fund which had grown to approximately $1,200 was lost.

Pastor George F. Dirks~~1933-1939. The Golden Anniversary greeted his ministry. A new constitution was adopted and the American Lutheran Hymnal with the Common Communion Service was introduced. The new church was dedicated July 31, 1938.

Pastor Fritz Voss~~1940-1942.

Pastor Paul T. Meyer~~1942-1954. A period of steady growth and development for the congregation took place. Along with conducting services in Grimes and Bouton, Chaplaincy Services were provided to the State Hospital at Woodward under the auspices of the Lutheran Welfare Society.

Pastor Leo Widdell~~1954-1957. With this call, a decision had been made that this would be end of the sharing with Bouton.

Pastor Werner Fritschel~~1958-1960. Under his leadership, the church would celebrate its 75th Anniversary. His ministry at St. Peter was brief due to his death in December of 1960.

Pastor Percy Kvitne~~1961-1978. His ministry would include the revision of Sunday School and Confirmation curriculums. A Long Range Planning Program was studied under his leadership using a paper entitled “Mandate for Mission” which addressed the challenge of growth in Grimes and the congregation’s obligations to that growth. The congregation would celebrate the Nation’s Bicentennial Anniversary colonial costumes and services.

Pastor Delmar Niemuth~~1978-1986. A new constitution would be adopted. Remodeling of the church was done. Chancel Dramas were introduced during Lent. The most significant event would be the celebration of St. Peter’s 100th Anniversary.

Pastor Lester Larson~~1986-1993. Growth continued in Grimes and a crowded Sunday School and a crowded Sanctuary led to planning for a larger facility and Building Fund Drives. Fellowship Activities, Women’s Activities and Advent Family nights along with Young At heart Group would provide many fellowship activities.

Pastor Robert Beck~~1993-1996.

Pastor Myron Herzberg~~January 1997-March 1997. Interim Pastor.

Pastor Alford Walch~~April 1997-October 1997. Interim Pastor.

Pastor Mark Holmes~~November 1997-September 2010.

Pastor Grant Woodley~~August 2008- July 2011.

Pastor Paul Axness~~October 2010- February 2012. Interim Pastor.

Pastor Dean Baer~~ February 2012 to May 2012. Interim Pastor.

Pastor Mark Schlenker~~May 27, 2012 to present.

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