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by Sonja G

Feeling A Nudge

Consider Confirmation Ministry

Friday, July 28, 2017
by Sonja G

The number one way faith is transmitted is through relationship; the research bears it out. The structure of the Confirmation ministry at St. Peter recognizes this reality and includes a small group component during which 4-5 youth are partnered with two adults to take the “big ideas” discussed in large group and think about how they apply to their lives, and most importantly, create relationship! Feeling known and cared for by members of St. Peter translates faith in ways words never can.

That said, we have had some Guides who are unable to continue this year or whose availability has become more limited. (Rodney Engle accepted a position teaching overseas! We will miss him but are excited for the new adventure).

We currently have three 8th grade boys groups that have just one Guide (and one of those groups has a guide who now travels frequently for work and may need to be gone). It is challenging to be a solo Guide and leaves little flexibility when “life happens.” Also, different kids need different personality traits, and by having two adults in each group, we increase the chance that youth will bond with at least one in meaningful ways.

Consider whether you may be feeling nudged to give of your time in this capacity this year. If you are interested or have questions/concerns, please contact Sonja Gerstenberger.

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