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by Sonja G

Mission Trip July 22-29

Prayers of Support Welcome

Monday, July 3, 2017
by Sonja G

Forty-three youth along with 10 adults will be heading east to Cullowhee, NC to work with residents of the community.  Youth and adults will actively work in the community doing household repairs and participate in faith-based activities throughout the week. You can support Mission Trip participants by encouraging them and praying for participants on their trip.

Participants involved: Ainslea Schmidt, Jackson Kaune, Georgian Benavidez, Jared Klaessy, Spencer Schwantes, Jacob Ridnour, Hartman Meints, Sydney Meints, Braydon Meints, Noah Charlson, Ean Followwill, Nolan Grimes, Devon Johnson, McKenna Dirks, Lauren Wyllie, Miles Wyllie, Luke Fistler, Bo Stegall, Sami Wojewoda, Abby Ryan, Tori Peters, Lexi Smith, Maddie Ekdom, Emma Malmberg, Cole Smith, Amelia Johnston, Zoey Osteen, Jacob Waymire, Emma Wagner, Sydney Wagner, Rosalyn Lovell, Bailey Stegall, Turner Miller, Beth Giles, Molly Cooney, Tyler Cooney, Amber Fistler, Rob Kreklau, Blair Wolinski, Jordan Ridnour, Kaitlyn Murano, Megan Solberg, Grace Kaune, Cindy Kreklau, Rob Ridnour, Darlene Wagner, Michelle Dirks, Cindy Miller, Denise Murano, Rachael Stegall, Kim Kaune, Tim Schiller, and Matt Schmidt.

Follow the Mission Trip participants on Twitter here: and on Facebook here  and Instagram here:

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