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by Mark S

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Monday, June 26, 2017
by Mark S

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Vacation Bible School is almost here. (May have already happened by the time you read this though.) VBS is a summer ministry that St. Peter Lutheran has been doing for many years. Back in the beginning there were probably only a handful of kids going to VBS for a week of Bible learning fun. The last few years we were around 100 kids. Last year was a record year at around 120 average each day. This year looks to be at least the same numbers as last year. I’m excited for the VBS week each year because I know it is a powerful week of ministry for so many reasons. Here are a few of the reasons I love VBS:

  1.  Children’s energy. You can just feel the energy these kids bring with them. They are excited to be here, and that excitement is contagious.
  2. Children’s faith. Jesus talked about having faith like a child. I learn a lot about my own faith by being around children. I know that is the same for other youth and adults helping out for VBS as well.
  3. Children’s learning. I love to see kids learning about God’s love for them in Jesus. Five days straight they hear about God’s love through Bible stories, singing, activities and caring relationships. It’s wonderful to witness the Good News of the Gospel being heard by the children for five days in a row.
  4. Youth serving. A number of middle and high school youth volunteer a week of their summer each year to help make VBS happen. I love watching the mentor aspect of the youth sharing their faith with the kids.
  5. Adults sharing. A number of adults put countless hours into making VBS such an amazing experience for the kids. Hours of preparation beginning months ahead. Sharing five nights in a row to be here with the kids making sure it is safe, fun and meaningful. It’s inspiring to see so many people give of their time so selflessly.
  6. Witnessing the variety of gifts. One person loves working with older kids, while another enjoys the little ones. One person is good at playing fun games, while another puts together amazing crafts. One is gifted in music, while another is gifted in storytelling. One shares gifts with organizational administrative tasks, while another decorates for a fun environment. Soooo many people sharing a variety of gifts is an awesome demonstration of the Body of Christ at work.
  7. Outreach to the community. Many of the children that come to VBS are not members of St. Peter. What a fantastic way to share the Gospel with those who may not have heard. It also provides the opportunity for parents to enter the building in a non-threatening way. Perhaps they are unsure about churches or St. Peter. Bringing their child to VBS is an easy introduction. Maybe they’ll even stick around for openings and closing, and hear a bit of the Gospel themselves.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. VBS is not only a fun week; it is a powerful week. VBS is only able to happen because of the countless hours of numerous volunteers. It also is able to happen because St. Peter Lutheran is a vibrant community of faith. This vibrancy is due to the countless people who support St. Peter ministries. Thanks be to God for moving in the hearts of so many people to make St. Peter a place that witnesses to the Good News of God’s love for us in Jesus.
God Bless,
Pastor Mark

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