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by Mark S

Pastor’s April Voice Column

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Monday, March 27, 2017
by Mark S

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “Blessed to be a blessing.”  The beginning of our Bible in Genesis is where we first hear this.  God say’s to Abram, “I will bless you…so that you will be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2). God doesn’t simply say, “I will bless you.  So eat, drink and be merry with all your blessings.”  No, God says, “I will bless you…so that you will be a blessing.” Christians have carried this mentality for centuries.

On April 16th we will be reminded of our greatest blessing.  We will gather to celebrate Easter.  Easter is what the Good News is all about. The Good News that death did not win.  The Good News that death does not have the final word.  God has the final word, and it is a word of life and love.  Jesus conquered the grave with the resurrection.  That’s what makes Easter such a high festival Sunday in the church. We need no longer fear the grave. We need no longer fear sin and death.  We are forgiven and given new life through Jesus Christ. That is the joy of Easter!

We have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, so we are called to share this Good News with others.  Similar to Abram, “We have been blessed in hearing and experiencing this Good News, so that we may be a blessing.”  How might you be a bearer of this Good News in a way that is being a blessing?  Here are some possibilities:

  1. Pray for others in need of this Good News. Maybe you have a friend, family member or colleague that is need of hearing this Good News. I believe prayer is powerful. (Kick it up a notch even by praying for your enemies or those who really upset you.)
  2. Invite a neighbor, friend or stranger who could use hearing the Good News to join you on Easter or any other Sunday for worship. Evangelism committee will have small postcard invitations for Easter at St. Peter. Pick one or several up to hand out as invites.
  3. Strike up a conversation with someone about faith or their belief in God. I know it’s often considered a taboo subject in our culture, but I believe more and more people want to talk about this. They just don’t want to be judged on their beliefs. So, after striking up a conversation, the most important next step is to LISTEN. Take the time to listen. Don’t judge them and try to convince them to believe what you believe. Listen to them, and usually (sometimes not right away) they’ll ask the follow up question which gives a chance to share your Good News.
  4. Give generously of your time, talent and treasures. This is not the norm in our society.  When people see this out of the ordinary behavior they are apt to become curious. Seeing the Good News at work in someone’s life is a powerful witness.

God has blessed us in numerous ways.  None greater than the love God has for us through Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection bear’s witness to the great love God has for the world, which includes us.  You have Good News to share.  Just remember that this Good News is also for you.

Have a happy Easter,

Pastor Mark

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