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by Sonja G

Supporting our Companion Congregation

Updates from Myamba, Tanzania

Saturday, January 2, 2016
by Sonja G

Our companion parish, Myamba Lutheran parish in Tanzania, sent a list of issues and desires for the coming year home with Dave, Carol and Karen Eilers during their recent visit.  During the visit the Eilers had the opportunity to see each of the 5 sub-parishes and the 2 secondary schools where St. Peter sponsors students.  The sub-parish buildings all have significant improvements underway, all being done by their church family.  The improvements include everything from new windows, new roofs, tile on the floors to exterior and interior cement and paint on the walls and even a new building being built for the Mzirembe subparish.

St. Peter sponsored 57 secondary students during 2016.  The Scholarship Committee at Myamba has identified and requested scholarships for 22 new scholarships for Form 1 or 1st year students.  This will be an 11 student increase from 2016 as St. Peter members sponsored 11 Form IV or 4th year students who will complete their secondary schooling this year.

In addition to the secondary school requests the parish would like help sponsoring post-secondary school students who would like to attend vocational school.  Students must take a standardized test during their Form IV year to determine if they are eligible to continue school.  If they cannot continue, students must find a vocation to make a career in.

More information and numerous opportunities will be available during January 2017.  Please begin to prayerfully consider sponsoring a student in 2017 – It will be one of the best $115 investments you could ever make!

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